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The Initial goal of the project was to deliver cryptocurrency faucet script build on the EPIC blockchain. Beta version is live and available at, where everyone can receive fraction of the EPIC coin via Epic-Pay or Stack-Wallet mobile apps.


Web Application

More than faucet

Project's back-end is powered by EPIC PythonSDK developer's package to manage epic-wallet CLI with the Python programming language. It also uses custom RUST library to work with EPIC mobile wallets (using epic-post protocol until epic-box standard will be officially integrated).

Armed with this tool Giver Of Epic can be more than just a cryptocurrency faucet, in the next release it will be a framework - Epic Giveaway Distribution System, EGDS will help with distribution of the EPIC rewards during events and happenings within the EPIC Community.

EDGS Key points:

  • Easy to use for non-tech users
  • Script management via online web-app
  • Automation of the giveaway process
  • Multiple online wallets available to reward or share EPIC with others

For incoming release (v2) I want to focus on 2 main features of the EGDS:

  • Integrations with quiz to automate reward distribution
  • Giveaway Links system, generate and share links to claim EPIC

When generating new link it can be:

  • Personal or In Blanco: By default generator will be set to personal mode and will require to provide receiver address.
    Switching off personal will make transaction possible to claim by anyone, address field is then ignored and can be lefty empty.

    • personal, means only specified wallet can receive transaction, even if link is visited and claimed by someone else,
    • in blanco links on the contrary are issued without specified receiver, whoever first will claim it gets the coins.
  • One-time or Reusable:

    • if reusable argument is set to 0 transaction will be considered as one-time use, after success claim it will be marked as claimed in the database,
    • otherwise link can be used exactly that many times as specified in reusable but no more than 10 (this can and most likely will change). Script will keep track of every claim and will adjust database records.

Each link will require event (name) and amount fields to be specified, also will have an expire date, default expire is set to 60 minutes but can be easily change.

Rest of the arguments are already filled, some impossible to change by admins, hardcoded.

Both of the features are working similar under the hood - users can claim the reward with unique URL link to visit or CODE to provide when website visited, but there is a difference in the way of generating those links.

Quiz links (generated automatically)

Codes generated automatically after finished quiz via web-app managed by community member. This will be example of one-time personal link, can be claimed only once by person with access to special code, form_id.


  • is sending notification to the script after each successful quiz form submission via webhook, we get the form_id, user_id and number of points from quiz data.
  • script will save that data in the local database and will use later for authorization and calculations of the reward.
  • user at the end of the quiz can copy form_id and claim coins by visiting link

Giveaway links (generated by people)

Links generated for special events, highly customizable. This could be an example of in blanco reusable link - i.e. during the show or event we can issue one link and first 10 people to claim it will be rewarded, then link expires and is unusable. We can also issue one-time personal links for specific users using their wallet address. In any case user will get a friendly and relatively short URL like:$&gy54

where TW would be place for event name or place shortcut (i.e. TW for Twitter, UV for Uncle Vigilante show etc.), following 5 would be indicating how much coins can be claimed with this link and after - we got securely generated unique identifier for script to make sure links are valid. The user readable part (TW5) won’t really mean anything for the script, it is purely cosmetic to make it more friendly for humans.

  1. Login to admin account, i.e.
  2. Go to Key Generator tab
  3. Click create new link
  4. Check and adjust custom settings
  5. Confirm and generate the link
  6. Copy link and share with the user/s

Roadmap and Progress

Dec '22 - Feb '23 - v1 version

  • EPIC PythonSDK package
  • RUST/Python bindings library
  • Faucet front-end (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Faucet back-end (Python, SQLite)
  • Integration with mobile wallets

Feb '23 - March '23 - v2 version

  • GDS framework concept
  • Quiz app integration
  • Giveaway links system
  • Multiple wallet instances manager
  • Front-end admin panel